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» Looking for FrameMaker plugins and other tools? Leximation Tools.

Download some sample scripts and files that may be useful, more will be added in the future.

Sample files:

Perl scripts:

  • Synonym Search - Easily add synonym matching to searches of your HTML files. Adding synonyms can improve searches by compensating for frequently misspelled words (such as US-UK differences), or adding specialized terminology such as domain-specific words.
  • WinHelp Redirect Builder - Builds a WinHelp RTF file from a list, where each "topic" is a redirect to another topic. Useful for allowing Help calls to a master HLP file where the destination topic is in a slave HLP file.
  • HH Index Builder - Generates a printable/browsable version of an index for one or more HTML Help projects.
  • ALink Checker - Searches through all HTML files defined by a list of HHP files, locates all ALink jumps and ALink names and verifies that a name is defined for every jump.

Check back for new downloads!