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CUD (ChmUpDate) Files - If topic files in a CHM are "CUD-enabled," you can add links and messages to those files without re-compiling the CHM.

To CUD-enable files in a CHM, you need to add a line of JavaScript into the location where you want the message to appear. Once this is done and the CHM is compiled, each time a topic displays it checks for a CHMNAME.CUD in the same folder. If found, it checks the CUD file for a reference to the current topic file name. If one or more reference exists, the links and text associated with that file are added to the location specified in the topic. This can also be used with non-compiled HTML (as long as the browser is IE).

This can be used by the creator of the CHM as a means to add updates to existing files by delivering updated CUD files, or it can be exposed to end users as a way for them to add links and notes to specific topics. It might make sense for a system administrator to send out updated CUD files that point users to company procedures for certain topics.

» More infomation.

This CUD file sample is based on the technology presented by Autodesk at the 2003 WinWriters conference.

This example contains a working CHM and source files.

download cud-sample.zip v.1.00 [26KB]