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DeepTOC - By default, WebWorks 2003 only lets you generate a TOC of up to 5 levels. Although this may be good enough for most projects, there are reasons that people may want more levels.

The following instructions should allow you to build an HTML Help TOC with up to 9 levels (and more with a little work). This is achieved by using the generated FrameMaker TOC to build the HHC file rather than using the built-in HHC-builder in WebWorks 2003. The files and macros used for this example were taken from WWP 6 and retrofitted to work in WWP 2003.

This example is provided as a proof of concept and not really intended to be a complete solution. Although, you should be able to take pieces from this and fold it in to your template since it does appear to do what's needed.

This download contains the following:

  • Instructions for modifying your WebWorks template to allow TOC levels greater than 5 (see DeepTOC.txt).
  • A complete WebWorks 2003 project (including FM 7 source files and generated CHM) that uses the generated FrameMaker TOC to build the HHC file.

download deeptoc.zip v.1.00 [268KB]