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Licensing and Support Information

Unless otherwise noted, all registered tool owners are entitled to free upgrades to minor versions and possibly a discount towards an upgrade to the next major version. Some tools will require an additional Maintenance purchase to continue receiving upgrades beyond the first year.

All registered users are also entitled to free email support relating to installation and basic use of the registered tool (customization and advanced usage assistance may require paid support, see "Ask Scott"). Each registered tool may be installed on multiple versions of the base application (if it is a plugin), and if applicable, on all supported operating systems.

Individual (or User) License - A "User" license, allows you to install the tool on one or more computers (and/or with different versions of the base application if the tool is a plugin) provided that it is registered to the same person and never used simultaneously by more than one person.

Site License - A "Site" license is associated with a specified Internet domain (the portion of an email address that follows the "@" sign), and allows a pre-defined number of users who are members of that domain to register the tool. Each registered tool of a site license may be installed in the same manner as described under Individual License, above. Typically the cost for a standard site license is equal to the cost of 15 individual licenses (but may be fewer) and allows for up to 25 registered users. Please contact Leximation for pricing of site licenses that allow for more than 25 users.

Alternate Licensing Methods - If none of our standard licensing methods are appropriate for your situation, please contact us to work out an alternative method that works better for you. For example, if you'd like to purchase a group of licenses for people in your company, but these people don't have Internet access, we can provide you with a custom licensing agreement that allows you to install a single license on multiple systems. Our standard web-based registration and authorization code generation system is convenient and easy for most of our customers, but if this isn't the case for you, please let us know; we don't want to force you to needlessly jump through hoops, just to use our tools.

Maintenance - Some tools will require a "Maintenance" purchase in order to continue receiving upgrades beyond the first year. For a tool that requires a Maintenance purchase, the registered user is entitled to free upgrades (major or minor) during the range of the maintenance period (typically one year). When the maintenance period expires the registered user may continue to use the last version of the tool that was valid during the maintenance period, or may purchase an extension (typically for another year). A 15-day grace period is provided for the purchase of the Maintenance extension. When this grace period expires the standard purchase price applies in order to install an update.

For additional licensing information, please refer to the Leximation, Inc. End-User License Agreement.

For information about the trial and purchase process, please see Try/Buy Process.