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A collection of publishing-related tools, utilities, and applications. If you know of tools that should be listed here, please fill out the Tool Search Submission form. For a listing of all tool developers currently represented in this database, click here.

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Bibliography with Citavi or EndNote WIN - Frame:10.0,11.0,12.0,13.0; ??
by Docu+Design Daube
» FM-biblio supports the creation and maintenence of bibliographies with Citavi or EndNote. Tempoary citations can be replaced by formatted citations as well as expanded to full references (e.g. in footnotes). Dialogues in de/fr/en. [updated: 2016-06-03]
Enhanced Tool Bar (ETB) for FrameMaker WIN - Frame:7.2,8.0,9.0,10.0,11.0,12.0,13.0; ??
by Docu+Design Daube
» Additional tool bars for various FM versions with often used (or difficult to access) functions. Large list of special symbols, vertical TB, larger Eq. Edtior. Coloured cursors for better recognition. For newer FM's predefined work spaces are available. [updated: 2016-06-03]
FrameMaker and EndNote WIN - Frame:7.2,8.0,9.0; Word:2003; ??
by Docu+Design Daube
» Allows collaboration between FrameMaker, Word and EndNote (bibliography creation tool). Overcomes the code difference between EndNote and FrameMaker. Word provides correct RTF code for the citations as well as the formatted reference copied into FM. [updated: 2016-06-03]
Modified FrameMaker dialogues WIN - Frame:7.1,7.2,8.0; ??
by Docu+Design Daube
» Revises dialogs to make them easier to use. Most dialogues provide very limited input fields for names of character styles, paragraph styles end the like. The small fields may be sufficient for english names, but not for german or french useful names. [updated: 2016-06-03]
Rename files by means of a table WIN ??
by Docu+Design Daube
» Rename files by rules (e.g. RgEx) are not sufficient in all cases. This utility works off a table of given and wanted names and can apply a new extension. Especially useful for renaming extracted resource files (icons etc.) [updated: 2016-06-03]
Save FM document or book in older version WIN - Frame:10.0,11.0,12.0,13.0; ??
by Docu+Design Daube
» Palette to handle multiple open documents or books. Both FM and MIF save. Save to FM-8 … FM-last; UI adapts to de/en/fr and to current FM-version. [updated: 2016-06-03]
Text Helper WIN - Frame:; Word:; ??
by Docu+Design Daube
» Establishes keyboard shortcuts. FM-only: scroll two document panes synchronously up or down. All applications: - Paste the clipboard contents without formatting information - Remove sequences of spaces to one before pasting - Change \ to / before pa [updated: 2016-06-03]

Notice: Although every attempt is made to keep this information up to date, it is not guaranteed to be complete or accurate. A tool listing in this database does not represent an endorsement by Leximation, Inc. If you notice any errors or would like to see other items listed, please let us know. Also, if you are a developer and would like to add or revise items for your products, contact us and we'll set you up with the necessary access. Contact Leximation.