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As you know from surfing the web, there are all types of web sites; they run the gamut from flashy, with all sorts bells and whistles, to plain, simple text. Typically, the main purpose of a web site is to provide information. However, you'll often find that despite best efforts, the information is not easy to find or navigate.

When designing a web site, our main focus is to keep it clean and simple. We design the underlying code to provide optimal performance on the widest range of browsers, while taking advantage of the technologies available on the server. This makes maintenance as painless as possible. Spending the time up front to work out an appropriate underlying logic and structure allows future modifications to just fall into place.

Some sites require the integration of a web application. This can be a simple JavaScript utility or a complex database-driven application. A web application should be designed to seamlessly integrate with the overall site, making the user experience as intuitive as possible.

You may find that a custom browser-based application would help to organize your authoring processes. This can be handy for tracking schedules, the current state of your content (technical review, editorial, etc.), or sharing information with other members of your team.

Whatever your needs, Leximation can help you assess the situation and decide on an appropriate direction. Because of our practical work experience, we will understand your problems and suggest realistic solutions.

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