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A collection of publishing-related tools, utilities, and applications. If you know of tools that should be listed here, please fill out the Tool Search Submission form. For a listing of all tool developers currently represented in this database, click here.

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SnagIt WIN $39.95
by TechSmith Corporation
» Capture screen images, text and printer output from your Windows PC with SnagIt’s award winning interface, then quickly enhance with the in-line editor. Supercharge your Print Screen key with SnagIt Screen Capture. [updated: 2004-10-28]
Sort Paragraph Sections (FrameScript) WIN - Frame:; ??
by itl
» Sorts a document or a selected range alphabetically based on a selected paragraph format. [updated: 2009-12-13]
Sort Table Rows (FrameScript) WIN - Frame:; ??
by itl
» Sorts table rows; as an option you can include empty cells. Language-specific sorting orders are thereby taken into consideration. The script does not delete cross-reference markers in the tables. [updated: 2009-12-13]
Sourcerer WIN - Frame:7.0,7.1,7.2,8.0; FREE!
by Advantica Inc.
» Sourcerer is a single-sourcing solution for structured FrameMaker that replaces native conditional text, and thus eliminates many of the limitations associated with it. You use attributes and values (or metadata) to define your conditional content. [updated: 2008-09-05]
SP TimeSavers WIN - Frame:5.5,6.0,7.0,7.1; $200.00
by MicroType
» Designed for FrameMaker users who create and maintain high-quality, interactive PDF files. Enables you to define Acrobat features in your source file so that they are automatically and consistently reproduced in the PDF when the source is updated. [updated: 2004-08-27]
SpaceCadet WIN MAC - Word:97,98,2000,2001,2002; FREE!
by The Editorium
» Need typographical spaces in Microsoft Word but can't use Unicode? SpaceCadet creates 3-to-em spaces, thin spaces, hair spaces, and so on. Especially useful for typesetters and desktop publishers who need to approximate fine typography in Microsoft Word. [updated: 2004-07-31]
Spell Catcher WIN MAC $39.95
by Rainmaker Research Inc.
» Perform a spelling check whenever and wherever you want! Spell Catcher works in just about any Mac or Windows application you can type into, so you'll no longer need different dictionaries for all your applications. [updated: 2005-01-30]
Structure Snippets WIN - Frame:7.0,7.1,7.2,8.0,9.0,10.0,11.0; $55.00
by Leximation, Inc.
» Save "snippets" of structured content that can be inserted easily as needed. One common use of a structure snippet is as a template for frequently used content. Snippets can be defined locally for personal use and on a server for use by the whole group. [updated: 2013-03-25]
Structure Tools WIN - Frame:8.0,9.0,10.0,11.0,12.0; $30.00
by West Street Consulting
» Structure Tools is a general-purpose toolkit for structured FrameMaker, adding enhanced features to the structured environment. It includes attribute auto-population, automatic window configuration, consolidated book processing, and more. [updated: 2014-03-20]
StyleSheet Maker WIN $34.00
by CoffeeCup Software, Inc.
» Creates CSSes for Netscape and IE. DHTML snippets are included, and the program supports a class and ID wizard for making your own HTML tags. Includes 50 stylesheet drop-down tags, and you can open, edit and save files in CSS, HTML and TXT formats. [updated: 2005-05-03]
Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Edition WIN $450.00
by DataDirect Technologies
» Automate and accelerate the XML development process. Stylus Studio provides a comprehensive set of XML tools and features for working with XML, XQuery, SQL/XML, Web services, and many other XML technologies. [updated: 2006-05-03]
Super Find WIN - Frame:; $49.99
by Seatech Publications, Inc.
» Allows the user to enter multiple text items to find and replace. The user can enter up to six items through a user interface. Alternatively, the user can specify a text file with unlimited find and replace items. [updated: 2005-01-30]
SVGMaker WIN $49.95
by Software Mechanics Pty Ltd
» A discreet software component you can deploy standalone or as part of your own content production system. Client side and server side configurations of SVGmaker generate SVG output from many popular 3rd party programs. [updated: 2006-09-08]
SwapKeys WIN $12.00
by Insight Software Solutions, Inc.
» A Windows Keyboard Remapper and Hot Key utility which utilizes the standard Windows ANSI character set and the Windows Virtual Key Code character set. The remapping and hot keys work in virtually all Windows applications. [updated: 2006-07-05]
Syncro SVN Client WIN MAC LIN OTH $99.00
by SyncRO Soft, Ltd.
» Simplifies the document and code sharing between content authors and developers. Full SVN repository support: checkout, export, import, copy, mkdir, rename, branch, tag and delete. You can browse repositories, check for changes, commit, update, etc. [updated: 2008-11-10]
Syntext Serna WIN MAC LIN $299.00
by Syntext, Inc.
» Portable True WYSIWYG XML Editor. General users and professional authors alike can create and maintain complex XML documents. With minimal training, most people will find it as easy to use as a conventional word processor. [updated: 2004-11-18]
Table Navigation (FrameScript) WIN - Frame:; ??
by itl
» Permits navigation in tables using the arrow keys (such as in Word). [updated: 2009-12-13]
Table Tools WIN MAC - Frame:6.0,7.0,7.1,7.2,8.0,9.0,10.0; $10.00
by Silicon Prairie Software
» Features include listing table tag usage, removing unused table tags from documents, converting tables to use different tags, and locating/removing table tag overrides. Generates report listing all characteristics of the table tags defined in a document. [updated: 2011-12-30]
TableCleaner WIN - Frame:6.0,7.0,7.1,7.2,8.0; $60.00
by Carmen Publishing
» TableCleaner is a plugin that gives you more control over FrameMaker tables. Some commands work on selected cells and tables, while other can change all of the tables in a document at once. [updated: 2008-04-21]
TableUtils MAC - Frame:5.5; $5.00
by Bache
» Offers some basic math operations on table-cells. [updated: 2004-07-31]
TechTav Macros WIN - Word:97,98,2000,2001,2002,2003; FREE!
by Tech-Tav
» The TechTav macro suite contains a large number of macros to replace or add to the functionality of MS Word. Use point-and-click to: number pages, figures, and tables across files; cross-reference text, figures, and tables across files. And much more! [updated: 2005-06-02]
TemplateMapper WIN - Frame:7.0,7.1,7.2,8.0; $200.00
by CudSpan
» Industrial-strength mapping of formats from new template into legacy docs. Maps pgf, char, table, xref formats, master page usage and more. Point & click GUI - load the legacy docs and templates, then choose from popups to map your formats. [updated: 2009-06-08]
Text Count WIN MAC - Frame:5.5,6.0,7.0,7.1; $69.00
by Goldwein Research (DTP Tools)
» Quick and easy control over word counts, overflows. Text Count palette shows real time count and estimate results and indicates amount of overflow text. performs the estimates and price calculations too. [updated: 2006-04-22]
Text count (InDesign) WIN MAC $69.00
by Goldwein Research (DTP Tools)
» Counts and estimates text elements and calculates their price. It preflights documents for overset and helps you to get rid of it. [updated: 2006-12-04]
Text Helper WIN - Frame:; Word:; FREE!
by Docu+Design Daube
» Establishes keyboard shortcuts. FM-only: scroll two document panes synchronously up or down. All applications (do before pasting): - Use plain text only (no formats) - Change sequences of spaces to one - Change Backslash to / [updated: 2022-12-15]

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