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MIFML-Converter - Revision History

1.00 - 31aug08
Removed "time bomb".
0.13 - 28sep07
Numerous DTD updates (see DTD file).
Conversion now handles longer MathFullForm strings.
Multiple sequential ImportObjects are now properly initialized.
Multiple spaces are now left alone (they remain as multiple spaces in the MIFML rather than a series of " " entities).
BookComponent is now included in a partial MIFML of book file.
0.12 - 10may07
Fixed handling of InsetObjects that contained multiple facet data.
Added flag attribute to InsetObjectData element.
0.10 - 22mar07
Reset "time bomb".
0.09 - 01dec06
Fixed handling of tabs and other escaped characters.
Fixed handling of math equations.
Fixed handling of embedded PDF code.
0.08 - 02dec05
Reset "time bomb".
0.07 - 10jun05
Added handling for processing of numeric entities in MIFML. Decimal entity defintions (&#NNN;) are mapped to the appropriate FrameMaker hex codes (as defined in the "FrameMaker Character Sets" reference). Values that do not have a valid mapping are converted directly to hex codes. Hexadecimal entity definitions (&#xNNN;) are converted to decimal values then mapped according to the decimal mapping described above. Currently this mapping is based on the Windows Character Set ("standard" characters, not "symbol/dingbats").
This has not had extensive testing .. please report any errors you run into.
0.06 - 09jun05
Updated converter to properly escape characters when generating a MIF from a MIFML file.