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RestoreWindows - FrameMaker Plugin

RestoreWindows is a FrameMaker plugin developed for FrameMaker 5.5 and above, and can be used with both structured and unstructured files. This plugin restores the window location, zoom factor, and view settings of opened documents along with the show/hide state of frequently used tool windows.

Note that the FM8 version of RestoreWindows is still under development. If you need to install RestoreWindows on FM8, please contact us for a manual installer package.


RestoreWindows provides the following commands:

Save Current Window States
Saves the location and zoom factor of the current document window, and saves the state of the following View settings: Borders, Text Symbols, Rulers, Grid Lines, and Element Boundaries. It also saves the show/hide state of the following tool windows: Structure View window, Element catalog, Paragraph catalog, Font catalog, and the Equations palette. This command can only be run when a document has focus.
Toggles the Auto-Restore feature on and off. When this is enabled, the window states are restored each time you open a new document.

Using RestoreWindows

To get started, just do the following:

  1. Open a Frame document and position it as desired, and set the document's zoom factor.
  2. Then open any of the following tool windows and position them appropriately: Structure View window, Element catalog, Paragraph catalog, Font catalog, or the Equations palette.
  3. Now run the "Save Current Window States" command to save everything the way you want it.
  4. If it's not enabled, run the Auto-Restore command (a check mark in the menu means that this feature is enabled).

The next time you open a document your windows will be restored to the state you defined.

Buy RestoreWindows v.1.00 (Windows; FrameMaker v.5,6,7)

NOTE: The online help for RestoreWindows is provided as a WinHelp file. This Help format is not supported on Windows Vista or 7. A new version of RestoreWindows will be available soon that provides Help in a CHM format.