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MiniToc - FrameMaker Plugin

MiniToc is a FrameMaker plugin developed for FrameMaker 8 and above. It automates the creation of complex "mini TOC" lists of links to targets within the same structured FM file. If you're manually creating mini TOC links in your structured files, you should be using this tool to create those links automatically. No more forgetting to update the list when new targets are added. Use this tool to create link lists to sub-headings or for lists of command or parameters in API documentation. This will even create lists as tables or other fairly complex structures.

This plugin was developed as an "FMx-Addon" plugin, but can be used standalone or called from other FrameMaker automation environments (ExtendScript, FrameScript, or FDK clients).


Due to Adobe's mid-release update of the FDK, MiniToc will not work on FM 17.0.4 or later. Do not install the FM updates after "Update 3" (17.0.3)! If you've installed the 17.0.4 update, you can reinstall 17.0.3 by downloading the Update 3 installer (under "Download previous versions > September 2022 release"). If you have any questions, please contact Leximation.

Buy MiniToc v.1.04 (Windows; FrameMaker v.8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17)

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