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IniSwitcher - FrameMaker Plugin

IniSwitcher is a FrameMaker "plugin" developed for FrameMaker 8. This plugin lets you change values in an INI file by selecting a menu command in FrameMaker. IniSwitcher was developed to allow you to easily switch between DITA-FMx and FM8-DITA, but can be used to modify values in any INI file, not just the maker.ini file.

The default installation provides you with two commands, one to set DITA-FMx as the DITA editor, and one to set the default FM8-DITA plugin as the DITA authoring environment. You can easily add commands to enable and disable other plugins as needed.

The IniSwitcher documentation is available here .. http://docs.leximation.com/iniswitcher/1.01/.

IniSwitcher v.1.01 (Windows; FrameMaker v.8) .. FREE!

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