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DITA 1.3 Support in DITA-FMx

DITA 1.3 support in DITA-FMx should be available starting with the 2.0.08 release (available mid/late-2019?). (Yes, I know this was originally slated for the 2.0.07 release, but, well, things change.)

If all goes well, that release will include a set of Topic, Map, and Book structure applications providing support for the new DITA 1.3 model and attributes for both authoring and publishing. This should include support for the new troubleshooting topic type, troubleshooting task elements and new note type. Once that's available, we will implement support for the following features (as prioritized/requested by users) in later releases:

  • Rotated tables and cells (FMx already supports these)
  • Scoped keys
  • Cross-deliverable links
  • Branch (ditaval) filtering
  • Filtering support for @deliveryTarget

The following limitations may apply:

  • MathML support will be limited to that supported by your FrameMaker version, and requires additional tools.
  • Inline SVG support (via <svg-container>) will likely not be supported, but <svgref> should work fine.
  • Because DITA-FMx does't currently provide a learning structure application, the updates to that model will be left to the end user to develop and implement.

In addition to adding support for DITA 1.3, we will continue to implement new features as needed/requested and fix bugs.

If you have specific needs regarding DITA 1.3 support (or anything else), please contact us.

DITA 1.3 Information: