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» Perl, C, C++, VB, VBA .. FM, MIF, DOC, RTF, HTML, XML, DITA

People often spend considerable time trying to convert files from one format to another. They also spend a lot of time extracting data from a directory full of files. Typically, this type of mass conversion or analysis can be done with a simple Perl script. Or, if appropriate a more sophisticated tool can be developed in C, C++, or VB (depending on the intended user and projected lifetime of the process).

Examples of conversion/analysis tools ..

  • Gather title and file name data from a list of HTML files to generate an HHC (HTML Help Contents) file.
  • Merge a list of separate HTML files into a single file (for easy printing or reviewing).
  • Analyze the contents of a list of files for specific strings, then generate a report based on the findings.
  • Convert a list of HTML or RTF files into MIF (for import into FrameMaker), while making specific modifications to the content or tagging.
  • Make global changes to a list of MIF files for re-import into FrameMaker.
  • Generate new HTML files by parsing and gathering content in a list of HTML files.
  • And more...

Once you get accustomed to the idea of using tools to perform repetitive tasks, you'll find that you have more time to focus on the content rather than the process. Often a tool can be developed fairly quickly. Just send a description of what you need, and we'll let you know what is involved. If you're a first-time customer, we may even create a tool for FREE (if it's not too much work), so that you can see how much time you'll save!

We have developed a library of conversion tools and utilities specifically designed for converting unstructured FrameMaker files into structured Frame or XML files. We can provide customized versions of these tools for you to use on your own conversions, or we can convert your files for you. We specialize in converting FrameMaker or other types of content into DITA XML (see dita.xml.org for information on DITA), and can help to guide you through your many options in this area. If you plan to use FrameMaker as your XML authoring tool or for publishing, we can help set up a structured application and related processes. If you're the type of person who is interested in playing around with doing your own conversions, you might find our MIFML Converter to be of interest.