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  • We've been using Scott Prentice/Leximation for several years as our fallback solution whenever we get into trouble. Even if he is busy at a conference, he always responds to let me know when he'll have time to help, and help always comes quickly. He often can provide a quick solution by return email. Or he shows a path forward that we can try and he continues to give helpful input until the problem is solved. I don't know what we'd do without him, it's comforting to have an expert on call!

    Wynne Keller, Director of Publishing, Occupational Health Research

  • Scott Prentice has worked closely with the Learning Resources group at Adobe Systems for the last couple of years. During that time, he has provided guidance to our team as we adopted DITA as our authoring environment. He also developed a suite of structured and unstructured FrameMaker API clients to automate both back-end processing in FrameMaker Server and tasks on the desktop to make life easier for our Writers and Editors. He also completed a major development effort on our behalf to create a search engine in C++. Scott is always responsive, does excellent work and I would recommend him without hesitation.

    Erich Champion, Learning Resources Engineering Manager, Adobe Systems, Inc.

  • Leximation developed FrameMaker plugin modules used in and with our Miramo enterprise publishing product. The result of their applied intelligence, expertise and efficiency are deliverables of the very best quality--in every way exactly what a software product development manager dreams of getting from outsourced software component development.

    Rick Davies, Miramo Technical Development Manager, Datazone Ltd

  • Before Silicon Valley again goes gaga (irrationally exuberant) over Google's pending IPO, we at editorsforum.org want the world to know how we feel about Scott Prentice over at Leximation, Inc. We admire Scott's work and he has our deeply felt appreciation. ...

    Bonnie Britt, Chair, Bay Area Editors' Forum

  • Ask Scott completed my WebWorks template project very quickly; what takes me an hour, took him minutes. My client had many requests, and was not very clear all the time. Scott took the information in bits and pieces and came up with the solution quickly and elegantly. Many thanx from dotPS!

    Cindy Stief, dotPS Document Production Services

  • Scott did an excellent job of reorganizing and designing our website's database, in spite of conflicting input from our people.

    Ran Bush, Vice-President, California Association of Judgment Professionals

  • Recently, my department had some problems with its database publishing tools and FrameMaker integration. I set up an account, and bought some time. Scott answered my request for help within a half-hour, asked me some general questions, and got to work on my problems. It wasn't more than two hours later that he came up with the answers I needed, and success was achieved.

    Mike Fisher, Production Lead, Autodesk, Inc.


  • I am very happy with the plugins I purchased from Leximation. One of my best investments to date.

    Richard Pesant, Technical Writer, Shimadzu Software Development Canada

  • Assembling a team of world-class experts  The team used several commercially available third-party FrameMaker DITA solutions as starting points and incorporated feedback from customers and each other to devise a reference specification. Scott Prentice, founder of technical communications consulting company Leximation, worked to code the primary DITA plug-in for the application pack.

    Excerpt from an Adobe ad in the March 2007 issue of the STC's Intercom magazine.

  • My client has over 200 variables, quite a few of which need updating based on new spellings of char tags, and the variables vary across several books. BookVars is making short work of updating all those variables. Glad I finally tried it!

    Linda G. Gallagher, TechCom Plus, LLC

  • Most of my documents contain the production date as a variable. This variable needs to be updated for each new iteration of a given FrameMaker document. (I delete all but the pertinent variable from the BookVars file, then import that -- BookVars allows me to keep 'irrelevant' variables out of a given doc's Cover, TOC, Index...) .. and ..
    Scott at Leximation was quite responsive to my request that a 'delete variables functionality' be added to the exsiting BookVars program. I use that new functionality to clean up inherited documents on a more or less regular basis.

    Riley B. VanDyke, Consulting Technical Writer, rvandyke.com

  • BookVars is great, it fills a gap in FrameMaker's functionality. I use it with all my projects and it just makes life easier. Standardising variables across a book is great, and the ability to clean up unused variables is a real bonus. It is a complete tool. Thanks!

    Tom Marshall, Technical Writer, ATOM Documentation Ltd

  • MarkerTools is a great extension to FrameMaker. It's wonderful to be able to search for text within a particular marker type! Our FrameMaker files have many markers--and many types of markers. When I need to check a topic ID for our single-sourced online help, it's great to be able to skip searching thousands of index, conditional text, and cross reference markers that I don't need to search through.

    Terry Smith, Senior Technical Writer, Per-Se Technologies

  • I had completed about half of a clean-up of the variables in a 30-chapter project. It had taken several hours. Then, I came across a reference to BookVars in an online forum somewhere. The rest of the project took minutes.

    Allan Walker