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A collection of publishing-related tools, utilities, and applications. If you know of tools that should be listed here, please fill out the Tool Search Submission form. For a listing of all tool developers currently represented in this database, click here.

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TOOLBOX - Package 2 WIN MAC - Frame:5.5,6.0,7.0,7.1; $21.93
» Package 2 contains: Book Transfer, Named Destinations, Book Save as MIF, Book MIF Save as FM Book [updated: 2012-07-01]
TOOLBOX - Package 3 WIN MAC - Frame:5.5,6.0,7.0,7.1; $27.03
» Package 3 contains: Adapt imported graphics, Replace format names, Export imported Graphics/re-size to original size and scale, Find/Change and Index Markers by Configuration, Update Chapter TOC, Left/Right Alignment [updated: 2012-07-01]
TOOLBOX - Package 4 WIN MAC - Frame:5.5,6.0,7.0,7.1; $33.83
» Package 4 contains: Server Analysis. [updated: 2012-07-01]
TOOLBOX for FrameMaker 7.2/8/9 WIN - Frame:7.2,8.0,9.0; $175.00
» TOOLBOX for® FrameMaker 9 - Full version Price: 439.00 USD TOOLBOX for® FrameMaker 9 - Upgr. from older release Price: 175.00 USD or single Modules as of 29.00 USD. Pricelist/Order form: http://bit.ly/N2JJ3w pay via PayPal, get your license via e-Mail [updated: 2012-07-01]
TopStyle WIN $79.95
by NewsGator Technologies, Inc.
» Edit your HTML, XHTML and CSS in a single program. Check your CSS syntax against multiple browsers. Upgrade outdated HTML - including font tags - to CSS. Convert your HTML to XHTML with TopStyle's HTML Tidy integration. Much more! [updated: 2006-03-01]
TrackChanges WIN - Frame:; $100.00
by Integrated Technologies, Inc.
» An easy-to-use revision control for FrameMaker documents. Users can monitor, accept, and reject revisions, and even use the "What-If" feature to check structure integrity. [updated: 2006-10-04]
Transfer Graphic Properties (FrameScript) WIN - Frame:; FREE!
by itl
» Transfers the graphic properties of the selected object to one or more other objects. [updated: 2009-12-13]
Transfer Variable Definitions (FrameScript) WIN - Frame:; ??
by itl
» Transfers variable definitions from a 'variable table' to other documents. [updated: 2010-01-07]
Tree Help WIN - Frame:5.5,6.0,7.0,7.1; $29.95
by DataHansa Software
» In the Structure View window, expand and collapse the tree easily, or effectively find a location. Functionality: Collapsing the whole tree; Expanding the whole tree; Expanding the tree to the insertion point. [updated: 2005-08-02]
TreeVision WIN $120.00
by Ovidius
» Load/Reload SGML/XML DTDs, visualize DTD as a dynamic tree, navigate in DTDs, search for elements, their contexts and attributes, generate graphics (with image maps) for DTDs, subtrees and individual elements. [updated: 2006-12-14]
Turn Runaround Off for All Graphics (FrameScript) WIN - Frame:; FREE!
by itl
» Removes the runaround for all imported graphics in the current document or all documents of the current book. [updated: 2009-12-13]
by Jason Summers
» TweakPNG is a low-level utility for examining and modifying PNG image files. It runs on Windows 95 or higher (98, ME, 2000, XP, etc.). In order to use it, you will need to be at least somewhat familiar with the internal format of PNG files. [updated: 2006-11-27]
TypeIt4Me MAC $27.00
by Riccardo Ettore
» TypeIt4Me expands your abbreviations as you type. YES, like autotext, BUT TypeIt4Me works in ALL applications, not just one. YES, macro utilities can type text 4 u, BUT TypeIt4Me lets you define meaningful abbreviations, so you can type them naturally. [updated: 2005-01-30]
Ultimate Editor WIN $49.00
by freshideas.ie Ltd
» Ultimate Editor is the swiss army knife of web tools. It support every major web file format as well as normal text files. With our fast and lightweight editor you will be able to blast through your work in no time. [updated: 2006-03-08]
Up Cast WIN MAC LIN OTH $100.00
by Infinity Loop GmbH
» Convert RTF to XML. Enables you to use Microsoft Word as an authoring tool for XML documents. Take advantage of the widespread availability and familiar user interface of Word or any other RTF savvy office application for structured document authoring. [updated: 2005-05-25]
VariableImport WIN MAC - Frame:; $29.00
by Mallverkstan
» Imports values to variables in a FrameMaker document, or all documents in a book. You import a tab separated text file with variable name and value. [updated: 2005-01-19]
ViewletBuilder WIN MAC LIN $299.00
by Qarbon Inc.
» Create and publish software demonstrations and simulations in minutes. Expand the reach of your online marketing with interactive slideshows and presentations. Develop and deliver powerful, dynamic courseware without programming. [updated: 2005-05-20]
Visual CHM WIN $19.95
by WekaSoft
» Visual CHM is the convenient WYSIWYG CHM editor which can be used to create and decompile CHM files. For authors and programmers who want to convert html to CHM file, similar to the Microsoft html help workshop but easier to use and aimed at novice users. [updated: 2005-06-21]
VisualScript XML WIN $495.00
by SmartDraw.com
» Draw XML! Save time by creating reusable XML functions to replace tedious coding tasks. Rapidly prototype and demonstrate XML solutions. Empower non-experts by providing a graphical interface to XML structures. [updated: 2005-07-05]
Wash via MIF WIN - Frame:5.5,6.0,7.0,7.1,7.2,8.0; FREE!
by Omni Systems
» Cleans up possibly-damaged FrameMaker books and files by saving them to MIF, then reloading them and resaving as .fm. Free utility provided as part of Mif2Go, both in the free demo version and the full version. Run from FrameMaker File menu, very fast. [updated: 2008-09-05]
WebCGM Fragment Parser and Tools WIN FREE!
by ITEDO Software
» The WebCGM Profile defines a so-called fragment syntax that allows for navigation to or highlighting of a graphical object. Here you can find tools and code that will help you to find your way through the manifold variations of the fragment. [updated: 2005-10-26]
WebWorks Publisher Professional 2003 for Framemaker WIN - Frame:; $1295.00
by Quadralay Corp.
» The only true single-source, total ePublishing solution for FrameMaker that gives you the power to produce content for the Web, intranet, online help systems, eBooks, and PDAs—directly from your FrameMaker source files. [updated: 2004-07-31]
WebWorks Publisher Professional 2003 for Word WIN - Word:; $850.00
by Quadralay Corp.
» The only true single-source, total ePublishing solution for Word, giving authors the power to produce content for the Web, intranet, online help systems, eBooks, and PDAs directly from your Word source files. [updated: 2004-07-31]
by DebugMode
» Demo/presentation creation tool. Add textual info, buttons, titles etc and generate a highly effective tutorial for your users. Input: Screenshots or BMP/JPG/PNG/TIFF/GIF formats. Output: Flash, EXE, PDF, PostScript, HTML or BMP/JPG/PNG/TIFF/GIF. [updated: 2005-05-05]
WizMouse WIN FREE!
by Antibody Software
» A mouse enhancement utility that makes your mouse wheel work on the window currently under the mouse pointer, instead of the currently focused window. You no longer have to click on a window before being able to scroll it with the mouse wheel. [updated: 2011-12-03]

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