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MarkerTools - Revision History

1.03 - 06oct04
Custom Menu Shortcuts: Provide the ability to define custom shortcut keystrokes to run the Marker Edit, Marker Search, and Marker Expand commands.
1.02 - 06jan14
Marker Variables: New feature. Variables can be used as Building Blocks within the marker text. The "Update Variables in Markers" command updates all marker variables in a file or book.
Marker Edit: When selecting a range of content, MarkerTools now properly selects markers in tables and nested text frames.
Marker Edit: Added option to set default marker type.
Marker Expand: Proper handling of markers within text-insets (they are not expanded).
Marker Expand: No longer expands markers that are already expanded.
Marker Search: Added element matching option.
The document display is now frozen when searching, expanding, and collapsing markers for increased performance.
1.01 - 05jan18
Marker Export/Import dialogs now correctly display list of all available markers.
Marker Export/Import commands now correctly modify filenames for markers that contain invalid characters.
Marker Expand/Collapse dialog now correctly displays list of all available markers.
1.00 - 05jan12
Available for download.