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AutoFM - FrameMaker Plugin

AutoFM lets you automate the assembly, pagination, production, and printing (via PDF) of FM and XML files in FrameMaker.

AutoFM scripts are XML files that specify the FrameMaker (and other) documents to open and the actions to perform on those files. When an AutoFM script is passed to the FrameMaker executable at the command line by a batch file or other scripting language (Perl, Ant, etc.), the instructions in that script are performed. This lets you include FrameMaker-based processing along with other utilities and command line processing to perform document conversions and automation.

An AutoFM script can open FrameMaker books and documents as well as XML files, then save them to other FrameMaker formats or export them to any format supported by your version of FrameMaker. It can also import files of any supported format and apply a FrameMaker file as a template to the imported file. This lets you use AutoFM as a tool for performing bulk file format conversions.

AutoFM scripts can also print the selected document or book to PDF (or any registered printer), and specify all of the printer properties available in the Print dialog. You can perform automation on the selected files within FrameMaker using FDK client plugins, ExtendScript, or FrameScript.

Because AutoFM scripts are just simple XML files, you can use batch or scripting languages to generate the AutoFM scripts from lists of files or based on existing folder/file structures.

If you're looking for automation of DITA files, you'll want to purchase FMx-Auto, which unlocks the API in DITA-FMx and allows AutoFM to drive the DITA map to FM book generation process. FMx-Auto information.

Licensing Restrictions  DO NOT use the automation products provided by Leximation in a manner that would violate the Adobe FrameMaker EULA. Please review the Leximation EULA for details and links to the related Adobe EULAs.


Buy AutoFM v.1.0.05 (Windows; FrameMaker v.7,8,9,10,11,12,13)