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Dynamic Enterprise Publishing with Datazone Miramo

Companies use the Miramo dynamic publishing solution because it improves quality, reduces cost, and ensures compliance and information accuracy.

Miramo is the only enterprise software platform that gives you the flexibility, speed, and scalability—tens of thousands of documents per hour, or single documents containing tens of thousands of pages including indexes and TOCs—to create all types of sophisticated documents for your customers.

Business Benefits

  • Automatically customize and personalize every document. Deliver just the information needed no more, no less. Make manuals for the user's model, not all models; produce tailored and personalized contract documents and prospectuses.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Ensure all regulatory information is present. Avoid inclusion of incorrect information and other costly errors.
  • Enhance productivity. Automation frees human resources to perform more productive tasks and expand the scope of vital information delivery.
  • Scale up to high volume throughput. Scale production to match increased deployment and the growth of your enterprise.
  • Improve document quality. Combine focussed information and document design with superior typography to show your customers and prospects your enterprise's thorough professionalism.
  • Timeliness and efficiency. Ensure that information is provided the instant it is needed and available by removing document production bottlenecks.

Key Features

  • GUI template design. Design and specify document layouts and typographic properties using a Graphical User Interface.
  • Process multiple input sources. Process data from databases, XML editors, IBM A/S400, content management systems and structured word processing and spreadsheet files.
  • Full XML support. Process input in industry-standard XML and Unicode format.
  • Enhanced XSLT. Includes enhancements vital for sophisticated document composition. E.g. facilities for detecting image types, aspect ratios and absolute dimensions.
  • Long documents. Documents may be tens of 1000s pages long and contain a limitless number of paragraphs, tables, images and other objects.
  • Create books on the fly. Books may include thousands of standard chapters, auto-generated chapters (e.g. multiple TOCs and Indexes). PDF documents may be included and paginated anywhere within books. Indexes may have up to sixteen levels and automated hypertext.
  • Advanced table processing. Tables containing thousands of cells and extending for hundreds of pages. Cells with multiple paragraphs and images. Cells spanned horizontally and vertically. Tables within tables.
  • Multiple document flows. Data can be fed into multiple named document flows concurrently, e.g. for Fund Fact sheets or for multi-language documents.
  • Image import. Import all common image formats with auto- sizing and auto-wrapping: CGM, EPS, EMF, GIF, JFIF, JPEG. OLE, PCX, PDF, PNG, SNRF, SVG, SWF, TIF, U3D and WMF.
  • PDF import. Import entire PDF documents, or any page or view from a PDF document. Autodetection of all dimensions.
  • OLE import. Import OLE objects either as images or for inplace activation. Support for Microsoft structured storage file format enables import of Excel charts and pictures, Visio drawings and slides from Powerpoint presentations.
  • Hypertext and X-Refs. Full featured inter-document hypertext links for TOCs, indexes cross references and alerts.
  • Dynamic document formats. All document layouts and properties may be defined on a dynamic data driven basis. E.g. page layouts (master pages), table formats, paragraph and character formats, color definitions, etc.
  • Dynamic drawing. A full set of XML drawing codes replicates the GUI drawing capabilities and enables drawings to be created on a dynamic, data-driven basis.
  • Enterprise ready. The Miramo Enterprise Module provides enterprise scalability and mission-critical reliability. It addresses the special requirements for high volume enterprise document production and dynamic documentation creation initiated asynchronously, e.g. via Internet requests. Create millions of PDF pages per day, with comprehensive data logging for every job.
  • Multi-environment APIs. The Miramo Enterprise Module supports APIs for C, C++, C#, Java and VB.net.
  • Rules based document assembly. Rules of any complexity for any situation.
  • Edit output. In special cases and workflows, finesse the appearance of output interactively before final publication.
  • Perform on the fly calculations. Validate input data and perform any desired calculations.
  • Dynamic, data-driven charts. Draw charts on the fly using data included in the input.

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