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Information on technologies mentioned above:

  • DITA - Darwin Information Typing Architecture. An XML data model that focuses on topic-based authoring, and excels in content reuse through content references and the use of maps to organize topics into deliverable components. More about DITA.
  • FrameMaker - A sophisticated desktop publishing application from Adobe Systems that provides the ability to add custom functionality through the development of "plugins" using the FDK. More about FrameMaker.
  • WorldServer GEP - A high-end content management system from Idiom Technologies that offers tight integration with FrameMaker. More about WorldServer GEP.
  • WebWorks - A content conversion program from Quadralay that allows you to easily generate many types of online documentation from FrameMaker or Word documents. More about WebWorks.
  • Miramo - The world-leading document composition software package designed for automatic formatting of information extracted from database and other data sources, including XML and PDF. More about Miramo.
  • ASP - A free technology from Microsoft that allows programmers to create dynamic web applications. ASP.NET can be used to create anything from small, personal websites through to large, enterprise-class web applications. More about ASP.
  • AskSam - A flexible and powerful way to organize information and create searchable databases from web pages, email, PDF files, texts, and Word documents. More about AskSam.
  • PHP - An open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. More about PHP.
  • MySQL - The world's most popular open source database because of its consistent fast performance, high reliability and ease of use. More about MySQL.